Non-status, Subprime and Bad Credit Car Leasing

We are dedicated to supply car contract hire and vehicle leasing solutions to private individuals and companies who fail to achieve a main stream credit rating...


We are able to offer a comprehensive professional service from a single vehicle to an entire fleet.


  • Been declined by the banks?
  • Poor accounts?
  • A new start business?
  • Poor credit history?
  • CCJ`s, Arrears or Defaults?
  • In or have been in a Individual Voluntary Arrangement?
  • Poor electoral roll history?



We can supply new and nearly new cars and vans on two and three year subprime or non-status contract hire and leasing agreements.


As one of our customers you will be offered the right type of vehicle for your situation, we go the extra mile to find the right vehicle for your needs.


Your vehicle can be delivered to your door anywhere in the UK Mainland or picked up from one of several regional collection points.


We tailor our contracts to reflect your exact needs and realise it is not a one size fits all world.



What is non-status and sub-prime car leasing?


Since when the banks started lending money to consumers there have always been people who did not meet the normal underwriting criteria for the main stream banks. These people as far as vehicles go, fell into the non-status or subprime car leasing bracket. However due to the credit crunch that started to have an effect on lending criteria mid 2008 more and more people were finding themselves classed as a high risk by the banks. So what changed?


The mainstream banks realised that they could no longer lend the amounts that they had been doing as they were taking excessive risks. So underwriting criteria was completely changed and all of a sudden millions of people and businesses found themselves in the non-status or subprime bracket through no fault of their own.

Unlike the banks, our funders are able to look at each customer's status and ability to pay for a leased vehicle. They call this the affordability test. If you can prove that you can afford the monthly lease payment, insurance and leave yourself enough money spare to live on comfortably then they will normally give you a non-status or subprime car lease deal.



What do you get when you take a non-status car or van lease?


  • A vehicle to suit your needs and budget
  • An allowance of 15,000 miles per annum
  • Road tax included for the duration of the contract
  • Monthly invoicing for your accounting purposes



What you do not get are the following:-


  • Servicing
  • Repairs outside of warranty
  • Accidental damage repairs
  • Tyres, it is down to you to replace any damaged tyres



What are the benefits of taking a non-status lease car from us?

The main one is that you will not be taking the risk on what the vehicle is worth at the end of the contract. The funder takes that risk, all you have to do is hand the car back and go into another lease.

Your road tax is covered and will be posted to you.

If you are a sole trader, partnership or Ltd company and VAT registered then you will be able to claim upto 50% of the VAT on a non status car leasing plan and upto 100% on a non status van leasing agreement.



To qualify for non-status or subprime car leasing we will need:-

  • Copies of your last 3 months bank statements
  • A copy of a recent home utility bill
  • A copy of your full UK driving licence
  • A deposit usually equivalent to 4 months payments in advance